Unleash Your Inner Tantra - Ibiza (Spain)

13/09/2019 - 19:00:00 - Ibiza

Unleash Your Inner Tantra - Ibiza (Spain)

Jennelle Gordon, one of the best experts in Tantra & Spirituality and Álvaro Reyes, the #1 spanish dating coach, are reunited for helping you to explore your sexuality, discover the powers of the sexual energy and create extraordinary relationships.

The event UNSLEASH YOUR INNER TANTRA is done by Jennelle Gordon (California) and Álvaro Reyes (Spain). During this weekend in Ibiza you will learn how to use your energy for being in a peak state when you want, you are going to awake your sexual energy (and know how to use it) and you are going to connect with the people (and yourself) like you never did before.

Actually the people are living completely disconnected of their sexual energy and is one of the most powerful energies. If you know how to play with this energy, you are going to be prosper in all areas of your life. If we dont know how to play with this energy you are going to create toxic relationship, we are going to be sexually insatisfied and we are going to be tired with lack of energy.

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